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Terms and conditions of the Rental Service

Expectations during the Rental Service

  • The company requires that the transport is done without violations of the safety and behavior rules foreseen by the current Highway Codes.
  • The Company allows the transport of pets having adopted, in agreement with the customer, all the measures necessary to avoid damage or soiling of the car.
  • The Company reserves the right to vary the rates shown in the event of night time operations (+ 25% from 22:00 to 07:00), closed roads, snowfall or exceptional weather events or lack of availability. Any of these variations will be communicated directly in the booking confirmation email.
  • David Alverà Car Rental Service with Driver collaborates with other rental companies that have the same standards of quality and efficiency and can enlist their services in case of need.
  • Excess baggage, such as skis and other equipment, must be declared to the company at the time of booking, in order to avoid that the car is not suitable to transport these items.
  • The car is recently registered and covered by insurance for itself and for those transported and in compliance with the traffic permits in force in Italy and in the EEC. The passenger’s property is, however, transported entirely under the responsibility and liability of the passenger that declares ownership at the time of boarding. We advise you to check the correspondence of your baggage upon departure.
  • The customer is invited to report any problems deriving from inefficiencies or shortcomings directly attributable to the service. We ensure to quickly resolve any issues.
  • Alverà David Car Rental Service with Driver reserves the right to change parts of this agreement at any time.
  • The conditions of transport and the services connected to them respect the laws that regulate the sale of services in Italy; this ensures the protection of the passengers and their baggage.

Cancellation Policy

The customer can cancel the reservation by sending an e-mail to or by telephone at +393474322401.
The cancellation of the car rental services and/or complementary services is accepted: .
Without any cancellation fees 24 hours before the service.
With a 50% penalty between 24 and up to 5 hours before the service.

With a 100% penalty within 5 hours prior to the service.
In the event of a canceled flight or a significant delay on departure, the customer is asked to notify our reservations number in order to guarantee the presence of one of our employees on arrival. Failure to notify the company may exclude the right to have the car available.

Waiting Times and Meeting Spots

In the absence of different agreements the driver will wait for you at no additional cost:

Waiting time: 1 hour after the flight has landed.
Meeting spot: in the Arrivals area, which will be immediately after the sliding doors of the Baggage Claim area, with a sign bearing your name.
Train station:
Waiting time: 15 minutes after the arrival of the train.
Meeting spot: directly on the arrival track of the train, within the area of your train’s passenger car, with a sign bearing your name.
Waiting time: 15 minutes after the scheduled appointment.
Meeting spot: in the hotel lobby.
If you are unable to locate your driver, please contact our telephone number +393474322401.
Any additional hour spent waiting by the driver for the arrival of the party will have a € 40.00 fee.